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Sony PlayStation 4 Gets DLNA Support

by Scott, 15. June 2015

Sony is now providing DLNA functionality in their PlayStation 4 gaming console via a new Media Player app. This long-awaited feature was announced last night at a pre-show to its E3 2015 press conference. More information was then released to the official PlayStation blog. The new Media Player app is available now in the Playstation Store.

This means you can now use Jamcast to serve up local a cloud audio to your PS4 in the same way you can with other Sonos, HDTV's, and other gaming consoles including the Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox and Xbox One, Sony reports that the Media Player app will support MP3 and AAC (MP4) audio, the same as was supported on the PS3. Presumably the PS4 will receive uncompressed LPCM audio as well, a requirement for DLNA compatibility. In any case, no matter what format your music is stored Jamcast will transcode to a compatible format as necessary.

What is unclear at this time is whether Sony has included proper DLNA renderer support, which would allow it to receive remote playback commands from other DLNA-compatible control points. This is important if we want to control the PS4 from the Jamcast app or the Play Desktop Audio To feature. The PS3 did not have this capability, so here's hoping for an upgrade.

Are you a Sony Playstation 4 owner? Drop us a line in the comments or at the Jamcast Forums and let us know how Jamcast and the new PS4 Media Player are getting along for you!

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