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Jamcast Server v2.2.2 Now Updating

by Scott, 19. August 2014

Jamcast Server v2.2.2 brings a variety of platform stability and device compatibility fixes. In particular, interoperability with streaming audio devices by Sonos, Marantz, and ROCKI was addressed in detail. All of these devices are reported working great with Jamcast, including playback control via both the Android app and the new Play Desktop Audio To feature.

If you have auto updates enabled, you'll be receiving this update notification shortly. Or, download it directly from the downloads page.

Speaking of Sonos, let it be known Jamcast is a very nice (and free) alternative to the native Sonos software. While Jamcast does not offer all features offered by the Sonos software (for example, zone grouping and group playback), it does offer tons of streaming content not offered by Sonos directly. In particular, Sonos customers have been looking for access to Grooveshark, SHOUTcast Radio, and podcasts for many years. Using Jamcast, it's now possible to stream all of these to Sonos! 

Enjoy this release!

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