Jamcast Premium

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Jamcast Premium unlocks new features, priority support, and other benefits not found in the free version of Jamcast.

Multi-Zone Playback

Stream and control playback to two or more devices simultaneously (limited to single playback device at a time in free version). Great for families!

Virtual Soundcard

Unlock Jamcast's famous audio capture channel that captures and streams any audio playing on the desktop to one or more devices.

Global Playlists

Create new playlists and add tracks from any local or cloud channel! You can also save any device queue to a global playlist when this feature is enabled.

Priority Email Support

Run into an issue, or need help getting a new device connected and running with Jamcast? No problem! Jamcast Premium comes with friendly 24/7 email support from the developer.

Bookmarks & Favorites

Save important tracks and frequently-visited places from any channel to the special Bookmarks and Favorites playlists.

Software Previews

Get access to the latest and greatest versions of Jamcast and try out new features before the rest of the world. Premium users get the new software first!

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