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New Feature: Send Desktop Audio to Device

by Scott, 21. July 2014

Hey folks, just wanted to let you know that with Jamcast Server 2.2 (released 7/21/2014) it's now possible to initiate Virtual Soundcard playback to any compatible renderer (including Sonos) directly from Windows!

To access this feature, simply right-click on the Jamcast icon in the Windows system tray and choose "Play Desktop Audio To".  Choose a device from the menu and all desktop audio will immediately begin streaming. Check it out:
This feature works in the free version of Jamcast, but playback is limited to a single device at a time and is limited to 30 minutes. On the other hand, Jamcast Premium users enjoy unlimited playback to multiple devices at once (sorry, multi-room sync is not possible!).

Hope you enjoy this new feature, I got a lot of requests for it. If you run into any issues, please report them in the Jamcast Forums.  

Thanks and have fun!

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