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New Content Partners

by Scott, 7. August 2014

I'm excited to announce a couple of new content partners have come on board. This means new Jamcast channels are under development and on the way! First we have SHOUTcast Radio, a hugely popular internet radio directory spotlighting both commercial and non-commercial internet radio station from around the world.

SHOUTcast, whose parent company Nullsoft was acquired by AOL back in 1999, has been very recently sold to Radionomy, another hugely popular internet radio aggregator out of Belgium. I'm excited that Jamcast is part of this beginning for SHOUTcast and can't wait to see what the future holds.  The SHOUTcast channel for Jamcast should be available in the Jamcast Channel Store before the end of August, so please stay tuned!

I'd also like to welcome Murfie to the roster as well! Murfie accurately refers to themselves as "modern take on the neighborhood record store". Among other great services they provide, you can send in your CD and vinyl collections and Murfie will convert your music to a lossless digital format -- complete with detailed metadata and cover art -- and make it available to you in the cloud. Awesome!

The upcoming Murfie channel for Jamcast will put those tracks back in the palm of your hands and back on the big speakers where your music belongs.  Look for Murfie in the Jamcast Channel Store in early to mid-September!

Hope you enjoy these great new channels, coming soon to Jamcast!

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