• Grooveshark

    NEW! Grooveshark

    A lifetime of music from the world's largest on-demand music discovery service, delivered directly to your favorite DLNA devices. Jamcast lets you browse millions of tracks, playlists, album art, and more in any room of the house with Grooveshark!

  • Android

    NEW! Jamcast Player for Android

    In your car, at the gym, on vacation -- connect to your music collection from anywhere in the world from your Android device. No subscription fees or licensing restrictions -- it's all of your music wherever you want to listen to it. Click here for more info.

  • Virtual Souncard

    Virtual Soundcard

    Never be limited to what you can listen to. With this feature, Jamcast will stream the same audio coming out of your PC's speakers to any device on your home network. Any format, any source -- if you can play it on your computer, you can listen to it anywhere.

  • Works Great With iTunes

    Works Great With iTunes

    Manage your music collection using iTunes? No problem -- Jamcast synchronizes with your iTunes library so you can access your tracks and playlists anywhere. Jamcast also has full transcoding support for all of the audio formats that iTunes works with.

  • Podcast and OPML Support

    Podcast and OPML Support

    Easily subscribe to and tune in to your favorite podcasts. Or, browse available OPML-based podcast directories directly from your device to find a show pertaining to a topic that interests you.

  • On-Demand Media Transcoding

    On-Demand Media Transcoding

    No need worry about what format your music collection is stored in. With on-demand audio transcoding, Jamcast (when necessary) will automatically negotiate a format compatible with your device and then convert it on-the-fly as it streams.

  • Windows Media DRM Support

    Windows Media DRM Support

    Stream DRM-protected tracks from subscription audio services such as Napster and Microsoft's Zune Pass legally to your network media player (not supported on Android devices -- a PlaysForSure device such as the Xbox 360 or Roku SoundBridge is required).

  • Realtime Music Library Synchronization

    Realtime Music Library Synchronization

    Any changes made to your audio collection will automatically be updated to Jamcast's database in real-time. Full media scans are never required to keep Jamcast up-to-date with your collection.

  • Intuitive Server Management

    Intuitive Server Management

    Jamcast's Windows-based server management application makes it easy to tweak your server's configuraton, monitor real-time server status, share media, and more.

  • Plugin Framework and SDK

    Plugin Framework and SDK

    Jamcast's plugin framework and SDK allow developers to extend the capabilities of the server and on-demand sources of audio content.