Setting Name Description
DeviceDescriptionUrl URL of the UPnP device description.
IPAddress IP address
LastDescriptionRefresh Date and time that the UPnP device description was last retrieved from the device.
Manufacturer The manufacturer of the device, as reported by the device description.
ModelName The model name of the device, as reported by the device description.
PresentationUrl If present, this is the URL of the device's presentation page.
UDN Unique UPnP device identifier.


Setting Name Description
FriendlyName This is the display name of the device as reported in the device description. Changing this value only affects the name displayed within the Jamcast Server Manager and log files.
IsDlnaCompliant This determines if Jamcast will communicate with the device according to DLNA specifications. Set this to True if you know your device is DLNA compliant.
ProtocolInfo This setting should automatically be retrieved from a UPnP or DLNA compliant device. Edit this value if you want to modify the list of media formats Jamcast thinks your device can handle. This setting drives Jamcast's transcoding feature as formats not in this list are automatically transcoded to the next best supported format.


Setting Name Description
BrowseMetadataMaxArtists Specifies the maximum number of artists returns for a track object. This setting is used to solve compatibility issues with certain devices. Set to -1 to return all artists.
DisableUpnpSearch Set this to True to disable UPnP search capabilities for this device only. This is useful on the Roku Soundbridge as it brings the Jamcast browse tree to the top of the menu.
EnableSeekTrickMode Set to True to force non-seekable media to act seekable to this device. This solves some playback compatibility issues, particularly with the Virtual Soundcard LPCM stream on some devices.
ForceMP3CaptureStream Set to True to force this device to request the Virtual Soundcard stream as MP3 audio, regardless of ProtocolInfo. This is useful when a smaller, compressed audio stream is desired for better streaming performance.
ImpersonateWMC Set to True to impersonate Windows Media Connect. This setting is required for use with the Microsoft Xbox 360.
MaxFormatOptions Specifies the maximum number of stream format options are provided to the device for each track. By default (-1), Jamcast will make known all compatible streams according to the value of ProtocolInfo.
MaximumBitsPerSample The maximum bits per PCM sample supported by the device.
MaximumNumChannels The maximum number of audio channels supported by the device.
MaximumPCMSampleRate The maximum PCM sample rate supported by the device.
MinimumPCMSampleRate The minimum PCM sample rate supported by the device.
MP4SupportedCodecFlags Specifies the MP4 audio codecs supported by the device. Jamcast will automatically transcode unsupported codecs to a more suitable format.
SuppressAuthorRoleAttribute Set this to True to suppress the "role" attribute on artist objects. This solves some device compatibility issues.
SuppressMimeTypeAttributes Set this to True to suppress mime type attributes. This solves some device compatibility issues.
TreatAsControlPoint Set this to True to have Jamcast disregard all known or assumed playback capabilities of this device. This is recommended when the device is a UPnP control point controlling other devices on your network.
WMASupportedCodecFlags If the device supports Windows Media Audio playback, this setting specifies the specific audio codecs it can support (WMA, WMAPro, WMALossless, or WMAVoice).