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The My Music tab allows you to add, remove, and re-scan shared folders. Any media contained within a shared folder is imported scanned into the Jamcast database and made available to other devices. For more information, see Sharing Your Media.
My Music Tab(click to enlarge)

My Music Tab (click to enlarge)

Sharing a folder

To share a folder right-click in the empty space to display the context menu and choose "Share music folder...". Browse to the folder you want to share, or type it in manually, and click OK.

To share a network folder, when the browse dialog appears you should type the UNC path to the folder. Using mapped drives is not recommended. For more information on sharing network folders, see Sharing Your Media.

Once you've added a new shared folder, it immediately becomes queued for initial scan. Unless other import jobs are currently running, you should see the track count for your newly shared folder start to increase within a few seconds. If no tracks are imported, see Sharing Your Media for tips on diagnosing import-related issues.

Removing a shared folder

To remove a shared folder, select it from the list and right-click to display the context menu and choose "Stop sharing". The shared folder will be queued for deletion; it will not immediately disappear from the list. If no other import jobs are currently running, the shared folder should disappear within a few seconds.

Rescanning your shared folders