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This tab is used to maintain the list of available podcasts (RSS feeds) and podcast directories (OPML feeds). This tab is broken down into two sub-tabs:
Subscriptions(click to enlarge)

Subscriptions (click to enlarge)

Directories (OPML)(click to enlarge)

Directories (OPML) (click to enlarge)


This tab allows you to add and remove from the list of subscribed podcasts. When a podcasts has been subscribed to, Jamcast will periodically check for new content and make it available for playback from a network device. To subscribe to a podcast, click the Add button and enter the URL to the podcasts RSS feed.

Even easier, you can drag an RSS feed from your browser to the empty area in the subscriptions area to add it automatically. You can also drag the URL from your browser's address bar, or from any other application allows you to drag from it. To practice subscribing to podcasts using this method, check out NASA's podcasting page.

To unsubscribe from a podcast, select it and click the remove button.

Directories (OPML)

OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) is commonly used to organize many RSS feeds into a single resource. Using Jamcast, a single OPML feed can provide for the browsing and listening of thousands of hours dynamic audio content. Several OPML feeds are automatically installed with Jamcast, and you can find more on the internet.

Use the Add and Remove buttons to maintain the list of subscribed OPML feeds. Drag and drop works the same here as it does on the Subscriptions tab (see above).

For more information on OPML, see the OPML page on Wikipedia.