About Port Forwarding

When a router is used to connect multiple computers to the internet (as is common in many homes using wireless routers), it is necessary to tell the router to which PC it should forward inbound connections destined for the Jamcast server. This is commonly referred to as port forwarding, because all traffic destined for the Jamcast server is on the same port. By default, Jamcast listens for connection on port 58642.

Static IP Address

Port forwarding directs all connections on a specific port to the IP address of your PC. Since this configuration is made once, you need to make sure your PC's IP address doesn't change. This is known as a static IP address.

For a guides on configuring your PC to have a static IP address, please visit Static IP Guides at portforward.com.

Configuring Port Forwarding

To configure port forwarding, you'll need to access your router's configuration interface and tell it to forward all inbound connections to port 58642 (TCP) to the IP address of the PC where you installed Jamcast to. The exact procedures will vary by the make and model of your router. Fortunately, a website called portforward.com has this information handy. Browse to portforward.com and scroll down to find the make/model of your router. If necessary, skip the advertisement, and you'll be presented with instructions on how to configure port forwarding for your router.