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Step 1: Install the Jamcast Server

Step 2: Configure the Jamcast Server for Remote Access

Step 2: Install the Jamcast for Android APK

bServer Configuration (Network Tab):/b


It is recommended you use the internet discovery service if you plan on accessing Jamcast remotely over a 3G network (or from a remote LAN). This service utilizes your Jamcast login. If you prefer to use DNS or will not be accessing your library remotely, you can disable internet discovery services.

Enable Android authorization when remote access is enabled, this ensures that only devices that only authorized devices can connect to Jamcast. Security does not apply to LAN-connected devices.

- enable auto-authorization and establish a LAN connection from the Android device to the Jamcast server to authorize it automatically

- from the Devices tab, right-click to allow/disallow remote access for a particular device

bPort Forwarding (NAT):/b


Your router must be configured to pass internet traffic on TCP 58642 to the computer where Jamcast is running. For your convenience, a simple remote access test is available on the Network/Remote Access tab. If this test fails, no device will be able to access Jamcast over the internet.

If you need help configuring your router visit and choose your make/model router for detailed instructions. color=red bNOTE: Skip the advertisement on! You don't have to buy anything to your router's setup guide!/b/color

bDevice Setup:/b

A simple setup wizard guides you thru the process of getting connected for the first time. At the end of the setup wizard you'll be connected to your music collection. Or, if no connection can be established or your device is lacking proper authorization, or more than 2 server instances were found, you will be forwarded to the Server List activity.