On Windows XP (and optionally Windows Vista/7), Jamcast's Virtual Soundcard relies upon a feature of your computer's soundcard commonly referred to as "Stereo Mix". Stereo Mix is a special recording input that captures a mix of all audio playing thru your soundcard. This is the same mix of audio you hear coming from your speakers. Some manufacturers refer to Stereo Mix as "What U Hear" (products by Creative Labs), "Wave Out Mix", or simply "Wave".

In order for the Virtual Soundcard to capture the appropriate audio, Stereo Mix must be enabled and selected. This is accomplished via the Windows Mixer or Control Panel (Sounds & Multimedia on Windows XP).

Setting up Stereo Mix

Here is a short video showing you how to enable and select Stereo Mix in Windows XP:

No Stereo Mix?

Sometimes you might find that Stereo Mix is not an available recording input for your soundcard. In many cases, this is remedied with a driver update. Determine the make/model of your soundcard and then search Google for make/model plus "Stereo Mix".

Also make sure you are viewing the correct soundcard. Your PC may have multiple audio devices (a webcam microphone, for example), so make sure this is the selected device when enabling and configuring Stereo Mix via the Windows Mixer.