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Step 1: Install the Jamcast Server

Install the Jamcast Server, making sure to share the correct folder where your music files reside. When the installation completes, the Jamcast server will be started and ready to use.

For a detailed information about installing Jamcast, see the Installation Guide.

Step 2: Configure Your Router

It is possible this step is not necessary. To find out, open Jamcast Server Manager and select the Network/Remote Access tab. Wait for the Remote Access test to complete -- if successful you can continue to Step 3.

If your PC is connected to a router, you must configure your router to forward port 58642 to the PC where Jamcast Server is installed. It is also essential to make sure your PC is set to have a static IP address. For more information, please see Port Forwarding and Remote AccessPort Forwarding and Remote Access.

When you've made the necessary configurations, open Jamcast Server Manager again and select the Network/Remote Access tab. Click Test (if necessary) and verify that the Remote Access test now completes successfully.

Step 3: Install Jamcast for Android

Download and install Jamcast for Android to your Android device. Follow the first-time setup wizard. When complete, you should be connected to your music library and ready to enjoy!