The Devices tab lets you view the connected devices that Jamcast has discovered on your network. Here you can also review and customize Jamcast's behavior on a per-device basis.
Devices Tab(click to enlarge)

Devices Tab (click to enlarge)

Device list

As Jamcast and other UPnP/DLNA compatible devices come and go on the network, they become aware each other via a mechanism known as Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP). When Jamcast discovers a new device, it is interrogated for information regarding its identity and capabilities. Devices that are discovered in this way will appear in the device list, along with their icon (if available), friendly name, model name, and current IP address.

Any device that interacts with Jamcast without having been discovered via SSDP (ie non-UPnP compliant devices) are added to the device list as well.

Manually searching for devices on your network

Jamcast automatically searches for UPnP devices on startup, and then every five minutes thereafter. Sometimes, however, it is desirable to manually issue a search request. Clicking the Find button on the bottom of the Devices tab will initiate the device discovery process. The Find button will become disabled for ten seconds while Jamcast waits for devices to respond. If any new devices are found, they will immediately appear in the device list.

Approving devices for DRM playback

Per Microsoft guidelines, devices capable of playing Windows Media DRM-protected content must be approved before streaming protected content from Jamcast. By default, Jamcast approves all newly discovered DRM playback-capable devices for DRM playback. To approve devices manually, uncheck the "Automatically approve new devices for DRM playback" option.

To manually approve a device for DRM playback, right-click on the device and make sure "DRM Permitted" is selected.

Editing a device profile

Every network device that is known to Jamcast has a device profile associated with it. The device profile contains a collection of settings that further define a device's capabilities and features, allowing Jamcast to interact with the device in the most compatible way possible. To edit a device's profile, right-click on it and choose "Properties...". The device editor dialog appears:

Device Profile Editor Dialog(click to enlarge)

Device Profile Editor Dialog (click to enlarge)

If you make any changes to the device profile, click the Apply button to save them. Detailed information on each item in the device profile can be found in the Device Profile Settings Reference.

NOTE: While Jamcast does not require a restart for these changes to take effect, it is common for devices to cache data previously received from Jamcast. Therefore, restarting the device after making changes to its device profile is highly recommended.