Options Tab

The Options tab allows you to tweak some Jamcast behaviors related to the system tray utility and importing and browsing your media collection:
Options Tab(click to enlarge)

Options Tab (click to enlarge)


Enable auto playlists

The auto playlists (Random Tracks, Newest Tracks, etc.) can be disabled via this option.

Auto playlist maximum tracks

This is the maximum number of tracks contained within each auto playlist. Note that due to a performance limitation, the "Random Tracks" auto playlist can never contain more than 1499 tracks, regardless of this setting.

Limit artist searches to album artist only

By default, Jamcast considers both track and album artists during UPnP search operations. Enable this setting to search by album artists only.

Sort files by track number when browsing filesystem

By default, Jamcast sorts track within the Browse Filesystem container by filename. Enable this option to sort these tracks by track number.


Ignore track metadata on import

Enable this option to ignore track metadata (tags) when scanning shared folders. Jamcast will instead infer artist/album/title metadata from the storage directory structure and filename. This option is useful for those users who use folder and filenames to organize their media.

Startup scan delay

The number of seconds the Jamcast service will wait after startup to begin scanning shared folders. Set this to a nonzero value to delay startup scanning when system resources are taxed during Windows startup.

System Tray

Run system tray utility at startup

Select this option to run the Jamcast system tray utility at startup. If disabled, you can always run the system tray utility via the Start->Programs menu.

Show balloon tooltips when the Jamcast services starts or stops

When enabled, the system tray utility will notify you when the Jamcast service status changes.