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Step 1: Install the Jamcast Server

Install the Jamcast Server, accepting all of the defaults if you wish. When the installation completes, the Jamcast server will be started and ready to use.

For a detailed information about installing Jamcast, see the Installation Guide.

Step 2: Configure Your Soundcard

In Windows XP, Jamcast relies upon your soundcard's "Stereo Mix" recording feature to capture any audio playing on the PC. Therefore, Stereo Mix must be selected as the active recording input via the Windows Mixer.

For a walk-through on configuring your audio card to record from Stereo Mix, please see Windows XP: Configuring Stereo Mix.

Step 3: Connect To Jamcast From A Device

By now, Jamcast and your network-connected device(s) will have already discovered each other. Connecting to Jamcast from your devices will vary by make/model, so please consult with your device's user guide for precise instructions on how to get connected.

Step 4: Play Some Music!

First, get some music playing on your PC. Then, from the device navigate to "Virtual Soundcard", then select and play the "Virtual Soundcard" audio track. After a few seconds of buffering, you'll be hearing the same audio playing on your PC!

NOTE: Some devices like the Microsoft Xbox 360 present Jamcast content in a slightly different way. In these cases, the Virtual Soundcard audio track can be found within Playlists, then Virtual Soundcard.

Common Issues

No Stereo Mix Available

On some soundcards, the Stereo Mix feature might be named "Wave", "What U Hear", "Wave Out Mix", or something else. If you can't find an appropriate recording input, do a Google search for your audio card make/model plus the keywords "stereo mix". In many cases, this is remedied by an soundcard driver update.

Device Cannot Play Virtual Soundcard

Some devices weren't designed or tested to work with live/infinite streaming audio like the Virtual Soundcard, so Jamcast provides a couple of configurations to help with this. Specifically, try setting either ForceMP3CaptureStream or EnableSeekTrickMode (or both) to True. For details on editing your device's configuration profile, please see the page on Server Manager Devices Tab, section "Editing a device profile".

No Sound

If you've selected Stereo Mix and appear to be getting playback on the device, but it's completely silent, then try manually selecting your soundcard. This is sometimes necessary when more than one audio adapter is present. To do this, open Jamcast Server Manager and click the Sharing/Virtual Soundcard tab. Using the dropdown box, change the selected option from "(default)" to the appropriate card. Apply you changes and see if this helps.

It is also common for certain webcams, USB audio devices, or microphones to "hijack" the default audio recording input on your PC. Unplug or disable any such devices and see if this help correct the issue.