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Step 1: Install the Jamcast Server

Install the Jamcast Server, accepting all of the defaults if you wish. When the installation completes, the Jamcast server will be started and ready to use.

For a detailed information about installing Jamcast, see the Installation Guide.

Step 2: Configure Your Soundcard

In Windows XP, Jamcast relies upon your soundcard's "Stereo Mix" recording feature to capture any audio playing on the PC. Therefore, Stereo Mix must be selected as the active recording input via the Windows Mixer.

For a walk-through on configuring your audio card to record from Stereo Mix, please see Windows XP: Configuring Stereo Mix.

Step 3: Connect To Jamcast From A Device

By now, Jamcast and your network-connected device(s) will have already discovered each other. Connecting to Jamcast from your devices will vary by make/model, so please consult with your device's user guide for precise instructions on how to get connected.

Step 4: Play Some Music!

First, get some music playing on your PC. Then, from the device navigate to "Virtual Soundcard", then select and play the "Virtual Soundcard" audio track. After a few seconds of buffering, you'll be hearing the same audio playing on your PC!