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Server Status Tab(click to enlarge)

Server Status Tab (click to enlarge)

Server Logging Tab(click to enlarge)

Server Logging Tab (click to enlarge)

Server Status Tab

Service status

The Jamcast service status is displayed at the top of the Status tab. Click the Start/Stop button on the right to change the service status. Note that the Jamcast service must be running in order to edit shared folders and make some other configuration changes.


Your software license details are displayed here.


  • Total memory usage: the total memory in bytes currently in use by the Jamcast service. This is a more accurate assessment of memory usage than the value (working set) you see in Task Manager.

  • Uptime: the total amount of time that has passed since the Jamcast service was last started

  • Size on disk: the current total size of the Jamcast database file (JAMCAST.DAT)

Logging Tab

This tab allows you to enable and disable the various Jamcast logfiles. Clicking the blue link buttons to the right will allow you to view the corresponding logfile in your default text editor (notepad.exe for most people).