This guide will walk you through the process of installing Jamcast for the first time.

Step 1: Welcome

Follow the instructions on the Welcome screen, then click Next to continue.


Step 2: Accept the license agreement

Read thru the Jamcast software license agreement. When you're done, click the checkbox to accept the license agreement and click Next to continue.


Step 3: Choose the destination folder

If you'd like to install Jamcast to a folder other than the default shown in the "Destination Folder" box, click the Browse button to choose a new destination. When you're ready, click Next to continue.


Step 4: Activate your software license

Enter the username and password associated with your account on the Jamcast website. If you don't have an account, click the provided link to create one. Click Next to activate Jamcast and continue to the next screen.


Step 5: Basic configuration

First, choose a name for your server. This is how Jamcast will appear to other devices on your network. You can leave this as the default "Jamcast", or change it to whatever you want. This can be changed at any time after installation via Server Manager.

Next, select the folder where your media collection is stored. Leave this as the default (your "My Music" folder in your Windows user profile), or select a different folder. More shared folders can be added easily after installation via Server Manager.

When you're happy with these settings, click Next to continue.


Step 6: Installing...

The installer will now copy files and initialize Jamcast for first use. When the installation is complete, you'll be be automatically advanced to the final screen. To see installation progress messages, click the Show Details button.


Step 7: Installation complete

If you see the following screen, the installation was successful and Jamcast is already sharing your media to other devices on the network. If you receive an error message and cannot correct the problem on your own, please contact Technical Support for assistance.


Upon successful installation the Jamcast icon will appear in the system tray:


Click (or double-click on Windows XP) the icon to display the Server Manager application and review or change your server configuration. For more information about Server Manager, please see the Server Manager User's Guide.