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Enable auto playlists: The auto playlists (Random Tracks, Newest Tracks, etc.) can be disabled via this option.

Auto playlist maximum tracks: This is the maximum number of tracks contained within each auto playlist. NOTE: due to a performance limitation, the Random Tracks auto playlist will never contain more than 1499 tracks

Limit artist searches to album artist only: By default, Jamcast considers both track and album artists during UPnP search operations. Enable this setting to search by album artists only.

Sort files by track number when browsing filesystem: By default, Jamcast sorts track within the Browse Filesystem container by filename. Enable this option to sort these tracks by track number.


Ignore track metadata on import: Enable this option to ignore track metadata (tags) when scanning shared folders. Jamcast will instead infer artist/album/title metadata from the storage directory structure and filename. This option is useful for those users who use folder and filenames to organize their media.

Startup scan delay: The number of seconds the Jamcast service will wait after startup to begin scanning shared folders. Set this to a nonzero value to delay startup scanning when system resources are taxed during Windows startup.