Welcome Murfie Members!

Jamcast is a media server that now lets you browse and play your Murfie music collection on your Smart TV, gaming console, hifi system, Kodi, Plex, Roku, and other DLNA compatible devices. You can control playback using your device's remote control. Or, use the Jamcast app to create your own multi-room audio system.

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What You'll Need

1) A Murfie membership
2) A computer running Windows XP SP2 or higher
3) A DLNA-compatible device
4) An Android phone or tablet (optional)

Getting Started

Install Jamcast

Download and install Jamcast on your Windows PC. It's a free download! (You can read more about Jamcast Premium by clicking here).

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Install and configure the Murfie Channel

Open Jamcast Server Manager and click Get More Channels. Select the Murfie channel.

Setup 1

Click the Install button to add the Murfie channel to Jamcast.

Setup 2

Provide your Murfie username and password and click Log In. You can close Server Manager once you've successfully logged in to Murfie.

Setup 3

That's it!

Jamcast is now set up to stream your Murfie music collection.

Connecting to Jamcast from your devices

Using your device's remote or other controller, select Jamcast from the list of available media servers. Sometimes this is located in a menu called DLNA. Navigate to Murfie and you'll see your Murfie album collection. Select an album to view its track. Select a track to listen to music.

NOTE: The exact procedure will vary by device. Consult your device user guide for more information, or let us know if you need help. Technical support is available 24/7 in our forums.

Enjoy! :)