Jamcast 1.8 Released

by Scott Saturday, April 28, 2012

It’s here! We’re happy to announce the availability of Jamcast 1.8. This release marks a major milestone in ongoing efforts to prepare the Jamcast platform for an improved wide-release API. Announcements regarding the Jamcast API and availability of plugins are coming next.

Introduced in Jamcast 1.8 is an improved software update system. Although a basic updater actually does exist now (it will push 1.8 out to the install base), the new system includes the ability for us to push notes along with the update. There is also a new notification present in Jamcast Server Manager.

New Logging SystemAlso notable in this release is an overhauled logging system. The three legacy logfiles (medialog, importlog, and upnplog) have all been moved to a new \logfiles subdirectory and consolidated to a single logfile that rolls over daily. The logfiles are also now formatted in accordance to log4J/log4net layout specifications which allows you to view the logfiles using a compatible viewer/tailing program if desired. Additionally, users can control the level of logging detail and number of days logfiles are kept via Jamcast Server Manager.

There’s a bunch more, too. Check out the change log:

- FIX: removed unnecessary service status notification in UI
- FIX: fixed value decoding for PluginDataProvider selects
- FIX: invalid UPnP BrowseMetadata response on Virtual Soundcard
- FIX: Performing Artists container returning incorrect metadata
- FIX: Folders container returning incorrect metadata
- FIX: remote track type in iTunes library not handled (will skip
  until iCloud streaming support is available)
- ADD: new logging system, log management features
- ADD: new software update system
- ADD: API - added method to request server restart from plugin
  configuration panel
- ADD: API some obsolete / redundant code removed / refactored
- ADD: API version upped to 3.0
- ADD: improved logging for failed UPnP actions	
- ADD: better handling of invalid UPnP search criteria
- ADD: UI performance enhancements
- ADD: link to plugin download page
- ADD: visual indication that plugin is installed but fail to load
- ADD: updated license.txt


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