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How to Stream Apple Music to Sonos, Game Consoles, and Other DLNA Devices

by Scott, 30. June 2015

Apple's long-awaited unlimited streaming music service Apple Music launched yesterday, but in typical Apple fashion the service has been confined (at least for now) to iOS devices and iTunes running on PC/Mac desktop. Perhaps the biggest disappointment came from Sonos users as they found out that Apple Music support would not be available at launch. Apple and Sonos have now said that Apple Music will be integrated into Sonos "ASAP", reportedly before year's end. No word on gaming consoles, smart TV's, hifi systems, or other DLNA-compatible devices. 

Jamcast to the rescue! For Windows users, streaming Apple Music to devices around the home could not be easier with the help of Jamcast's Virtual Soundcard. Simply connect the Virtual Soundcard stream to the device(s) of your choice, then use iTunes to play music like you normally would. You'll hear your music playing on the selected devices! Here's how that works:

First, if you haven't already, download and install the latest version of Jamcast.

Next, get iTunes up and running and playing some music of your choice.

Finally, look in the Windows system tray (next to the clock) for the Jamcast icon. Right-click the Jamcast icon and choose "Play Desktop Audio To" and you'll see a list of available devices. Choose any device to start playback. Within a few seconds you should hear audio playback from the desktop.

That's it! Not only does this work with iTunes and Apple Music, but also with Beats 1 -- Apple's DJ-hosted 24/7 worldwide radio station. You can take a look at the full Beats 1 program guide here.

The Virtual Soundcard and Play Desktop Audio To out-of-the-box on most devices. For those with compatibility issues, Jamcast provides some solutions. View these settings in addition to other interesting features in Jamcast Server Manager. Navigate to Channels->Virtual Soundcard->Configuration to access these options like so:

Of course, if you have trouble getting playback started you should feel welcome to contact technical support for assistance.

The Virtual Soundcard channel is a Premium feature of Jamcast. You can use it for free as long as you like, but it is limited to 30 minutes of playback to a single device at a time. Unlock these and other great features by upgrading to a Jamcast Premium license today! 

Sony PlayStation 4 Gets DLNA Support

by Scott, 15. June 2015

Sony is now providing DLNA functionality in their PlayStation 4 gaming console via a new Media Player app. This long-awaited feature was announced last night at a pre-show to its E3 2015 press conference. More information was then released to the official PlayStation blog. The new Media Player app is available now in the Playstation Store.

This means you can now use Jamcast to serve up local a cloud audio to your PS4 in the same way you can with other Sonos, HDTV's, and other gaming consoles including the Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox and Xbox One, Sony reports that the Media Player app will support MP3 and AAC (MP4) audio, the same as was supported on the PS3. Presumably the PS4 will receive uncompressed LPCM audio as well, a requirement for DLNA compatibility. In any case, no matter what format your music is stored Jamcast will transcode to a compatible format as necessary.

What is unclear at this time is whether Sony has included proper DLNA renderer support, which would allow it to receive remote playback commands from other DLNA-compatible control points. This is important if we want to control the PS4 from the Jamcast app or the Play Desktop Audio To feature. The PS3 did not have this capability, so here's hoping for an upgrade.

Are you a Sony Playstation 4 owner? Drop us a line in the comments or at the Jamcast Forums and let us know how Jamcast and the new PS4 Media Player are getting along for you!

Jamcast Server v2.2.2 Now Updating

by Scott, 19. August 2014

Jamcast Server v2.2.2 brings a variety of platform stability and device compatibility fixes. In particular, interoperability with streaming audio devices by Sonos, Marantz, and ROCKI was addressed in detail. All of these devices are reported working great with Jamcast, including playback control via both the Android app and the new Play Desktop Audio To feature.

If you have auto updates enabled, you'll be receiving this update notification shortly. Or, download it directly from the downloads page.

Speaking of Sonos, let it be known Jamcast is a very nice (and free) alternative to the native Sonos software. While Jamcast does not offer all features offered by the Sonos software (for example, zone grouping and group playback), it does offer tons of streaming content not offered by Sonos directly. In particular, Sonos customers have been looking for access to Grooveshark, SHOUTcast Radio, and podcasts for many years. Using Jamcast, it's now possible to stream all of these to Sonos! 

Enjoy this release!

New Content Partners

by Scott, 7. August 2014

I'm excited to announce a couple of new content partners have come on board. This means new Jamcast channels are under development and on the way! First we have SHOUTcast Radio, a hugely popular internet radio directory spotlighting both commercial and non-commercial internet radio station from around the world.

SHOUTcast, whose parent company Nullsoft was acquired by AOL back in 1999, has been very recently sold to Radionomy, another hugely popular internet radio aggregator out of Belgium. I'm excited that Jamcast is part of this beginning for SHOUTcast and can't wait to see what the future holds.  The SHOUTcast channel for Jamcast should be available in the Jamcast Channel Store before the end of August, so please stay tuned!

I'd also like to welcome Murfie to the roster as well! Murfie accurately refers to themselves as "modern take on the neighborhood record store". Among other great services they provide, you can send in your CD and vinyl collections and Murfie will convert your music to a lossless digital format -- complete with detailed metadata and cover art -- and make it available to you in the cloud. Awesome!

The upcoming Murfie channel for Jamcast will put those tracks back in the palm of your hands and back on the big speakers where your music belongs.  Look for Murfie in the Jamcast Channel Store in early to mid-September!

Hope you enjoy these great new channels, coming soon to Jamcast!

Jamcast Server v2.2.1 Now Available

by Scott, 1. August 2014

Today I've just published Jamcast Server v2.2.1.362. This is a quick maintenance release addressing some bugs reported by Jamcast users this week. Most importantly it fixes some issues with the new "Play Desktop Audio To" feature. Download direct from the downloads page now, or update notifications will be pushing out later today. 

Here's the complete changelog:

  • improved fault tolerance when control/monitor device playback
  • fixed device reference issue in Play Desktop Audio To menu
  • fixed null reference in Client Services on get playback devices
  • fixed bad root container browse when Play To function is used first

As always, please stop by the Jamcast Forums to report any issues or request new features. I'm listening!

New Feature: Send Desktop Audio to Device

by Scott, 21. July 2014

Hey folks, just wanted to let you know that with Jamcast Server 2.2 (released 7/21/2014) it's now possible to initiate Virtual Soundcard playback to any compatible renderer (including Sonos) directly from Windows!

To access this feature, simply right-click on the Jamcast icon in the Windows system tray and choose "Play Desktop Audio To".  Choose a device from the menu and all desktop audio will immediately begin streaming. Check it out:
This feature works in the free version of Jamcast, but playback is limited to a single device at a time and is limited to 30 minutes. On the other hand, Jamcast Premium users enjoy unlimited playback to multiple devices at once (sorry, multi-room sync is not possible!).

Hope you enjoy this new feature, I got a lot of requests for it. If you run into any issues, please report them in the Jamcast Forums.  

Thanks and have fun!

What's New In Jamcast 2.0?

by Scott, 12. July 2014

Hey everyone! Welcome to the new Jamcast -- new software, new website, and a new blog that I hope to post on more often this time around. For my first post, I'd like to briefly go over some of the highlights in Jamcast 2.0.

Jamcast for Android
The Jamcast app for Android has been completely rebuilt to include multi-room playback control functionality and an updated user interface.  For the ultimate Jamcast experience, you'll need the Jamcast app for Android as it enables some of the coolest features, including:

  • True multi-room, multi-user playback control
  • Channel search
  • Local playback to device
  • Access and control the Jamcast system from anywhere, even over 3G/4G!
  • Light/dark app themes
  • Optimized for tablet and phone
  • works with Android 4.0+
For more information and to download and install Jamcast for Android, go here:

Jamcast Server Manager
As you can see, Jamcast Server Manager has been rebuilt completely to take advantage of modern user interface technologies.  It also reorganizes configuration features into three tabs.
Use Server Manager to add, configure, and remove channels; see remote playback device status, and set the various available server options. Here's a screenshot of the new My Music channel configuration:
Jamcast Server can still be launched either from the Start Menu, or via the Jamcast icon in the Windows system tray.

Channel Store
In Jamcast 2.0, content providers (aka "channels") are in the spotlight and have been given a makeover as well.  First, the API and channel frameworks have all been enhanced to take advantage of the new features in Jamcast, as well as optimized for run-time performance and rapid development alike. Channels are one-click installed via Jamcast Server Manager and can be published to the Channel Store independently of any Jamcast official software release. This means new content will be added to Jamcast all the time, and it's real easy to discover and add this content to your system.

Jamcast 2.0 ships with 12 channels out of the box, with many more planned. For example, an official SHOUTcast channel is just around the corner.  Furthermore, with a tighter API and larger audience (thanks to the free version of Jamcast), I hope more 3rd-party developers will take an interest in building channels for Jamcast as well.

Getting Jamcast 2.0 finished up was a challenge, but I'm happy with the results and look forward to building upon a new framework. Please let me know what you think -- preferably via the forums, but you can reach me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ as well. Until next time...