Browse and Listen To Your Music Library Over the Internet

by Scott Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We've received a lot of requests for being able to stream Jamcast over the internet, so we teamed up with bubbleguuum and his UPnP plugin for foobar2000 to create a really slick user experience that works great on the LAN as well as over the internet. Browse your media, view album art, create playlists, and play a wide variety of supported audio formats from anywhere. Audiophiles will be excited to know that Jamcast can transcode to FLAC (when necessary) to foobar2000, facilitating a lossless conversion option that performs great over the internet if you have the bandwidth. And of course, the Virtual Soundcard can be streamed over the internet as well.

Here's a screenshot of foobar2000 streaming from Jamcast over the internet. This is using a custom UI plugin for foobar2000 called Columns UI:

Jamcast streaming to foobar2000

If your PC is connected to the internet via a router, you'll have to configure port forwarding so that internet traffic finds its way to Jamcast, but in version 1.1 we've made this a bit easier by consolidating all Jamcast network services to a single port. In a future release of Jamcast, we hope to make this configuration even easier by configuring NAT on UPnP-compatible routers automatically.

For detailed information on how to set all this up, check out this article in the Jamcast documentation.