Jamcast 1.5 Released

by Scott Tuesday, November 23, 2010

After several months worth of user-driven development, we're proud to announce the release of Jamcast version 1.5. So what's new in this release? Here are some of the highlights:

Last.fm Integration

Last.fm logoJamcast 1.5 hooks into the Last.fm Scrobbling API so you can submit tracks right from the server. This means submissions are happening regardless of what device you're using -- whether it be a gaming console or HDTV or the upcoming Android app. For those of you not familiar with Last.fm, it's a really cool way to track your listening habits, discover new music, and socialize with others sharing similar tastes in music!

Android Support

Android logoWhile the Jamcast app for Android isn't quite ready to share with everyone (soon!), Jamcast version 1.5 has all of the new functionality that will make magic happen. This includes a variety of things including new networking/security components and enhancements to the transcoding engine.


Version 1.5 ships with a overhauled content directory SDK. The old SDK (there was one?) was limited and remains undocumented to this day as it wasn't what we felt was ready for primetime. The new SDK, however, makes it super-easy to add new content to Jamcast, and to show it off we'll be releasing "official" plugins based on the new SDK, starting with the Live Music Archive. This plugin will give you lossless playback of all 85,000+ concerts in the archive, including the Grateful Dead collection!

And More!

In addition to additional enhancements, this release fixes 16+ issues reported via our various support channels. Thanks to everyone who brought these issues to our attention! For a complete list of changes in Jamcast 1.5, please see the change log. As always, if you run into any trouble please visit our support forum for help.

Enjoy! =)

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