A Farewell To Beta

by Scott Sunday, January 31, 2010

Almost one year after Jamcast's first beta release, Software Development Solutions, Inc. is proud to announce the release Jamcast version 1.0. Community feedback throughout the duration of the beta program led to 14 public software releases, addressing over than 100 bugs and more than 50 functional enhancements. The beta program also gave Jamcast the opportunity to be tested against dozens of media streaming devices, and many interoperability issues were addressed with hardware from Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Yamaha, and other manufacturers.

During the beta program, much worldwide attention was given to Jamcast's Virtual Soundcard feature as the news spread that there was now an easy way to stream services like Spotify and Pandora to gaming consoles and other compatible devices. In mid-2009 the Virtual Soundcard was enhanced to work directly with the improved audio engine in Windows Vista and Windows 7, thereby making the Virtual Soundcard a zero-configuration experience.

As a token of our appreciation for those who participated in the Jamcast beta program, we're offering a discount on the purchase of a software license. Beta users should log in to the website using existing credentials and visit the online store to see their discount automatically applied. Thank you all very, very much for your contributions to making Jamcast a more useful & stable product.

We're looking forward to the future of Jamcast, and we hope you are too. Expect to see media type support expand into video and pictures, and the addition of new content providers -- especially those that originate from the internet.

Stay tuned.